Mary Paterson

I am a writer and producer with a particular interest in Live Art and performance, and am one half of Open Dialogues. I’m interested in the relationship between writing and experience, and in the context of (performance) art that often means writing that has a radically different legacy and distribution to the experience that is its subject. As part of this, my current fascinations are: writerly collaborations, wresting authority from the written word, and metamorphosis.

Recent Open Dialogues projects include Performance Saga and Critical Communities.

I’m currently carrying out some research into strategies of the internet in relation to live art, as Writer in Residence at the Live Art Development Agency. The research looks at the internet as a platform and a provocation for making or showcasing Live Art. I’m also researching the relationships between artists, cultural capital and the ethics of labour practices for a paper to be delivered by the Live Art Development Agency as part of At Your Service, a group exhibition curated by Cylena Simonds at David Roberts Art Foundation in London, June 2009.

Mary Paterson

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