David Berridge

I am a writer based in East London, working through written texts, publications, events, research and discussion. I edit More Milk Yvette : A Journal of the Broken Screen, a blogzine focussed on artists’ film and video and art writing.

Recently published articles include a study of connections between Fluxus Scores and Ecology for the RSA Art & Ecology Magazine, which also sort to explore a contemporary score-based writing practice.

Related to this, for the SPILL:OVERSPILL introductory weekend I did a presentation on how criticism can become a form of performance notation. I’m interested to see how this unfolds as one part of my response to SPILL. You Have No Idea What’s Down There: A Fantasia for the Cavern Cinema, a recent project along these lines, is online here as part of the soanyway.org project.

My current research include a series of interviews with, amongst others, Ben Rivers , Johanna Billing , Anouk de Clercq , CS Leigh , Juneau Projects , Hans Ulrich Obrist (on interviewing), and Clare Gasson . I have curated web-projects by, amongst others, Sarah Jacobs, Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber , and Rosa Barba , often interested in the boundaries between film projection, the live event, and the particularities of showing work online. Check out the More Milk Yvette site for these and other projects.

As well as SPILL: OVERSPILL I am involved with several collaborative (art-) writing projects including FREE PRESS (Plan 9, Bristol), and am also working with Open Dialogues on the CRITICAL COMMUNITIES project. I'm curating a symposium of current curatorial and creative responses to Warhol's 16mm film work, to be held in London in September.



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