Overspill 2007- Backstage at Grand Finale - Rachel Lois

Ive been backstage at rehearsals for Grand Finale this week. For those of you who dont know, Finale is based on Emile Zola's 1867 novel 'Therese Raquin' and Pacitti Company have performed the peice at many locations over the last seven years. In this way each version of Finale makes up a whole, yet the different events are also distinct from one another: The work is made afresh on every occasion, with different performers (cooks), different structured scenes or 'recipes' being tested out and agreed upon each time. In addition, for every manifestation of Finale, the content of the show itself responds to the local host environment -be it Rio de Janeiro, Brussels or Birmingham.

Grand Finale is developed in close collaboration with each of the performers, as such it is constantly shifting. So far there have been some intruiging aspects in this weeks workshops: 'bin bag heads', Dog-like 'Boys' choreography, songs, kinky silver boots and jamlicking. The 'final' version will necessarily be more advanced come Saturday or Sunday, when it is re-lived to perform the closure of the SPILL Festival 2007, but rest assured Grand Finale will be every bit political, dark, poignant and involved as Zola's original novel. The underground venue has a unique brand of industrial shabby chic and definite sense of creepiness will necessarily have its impact on London's specially blended mix of Finale. See you there....

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